Tatiana Kukanova – Expert in Organization

Ever since I left college I have always carried out these self-evaluations to ensure that I am constantly developing and improving. Whenever I do one of these honest assessments I always find that one of my biggest weaknesses is organization, something which I have never been good at. I do however have a very good friend Tatiana Kukanova who is militant with her organization and so I reached out to her for some help. Once she let me inside her world of organization and planning I was blown away and whilst I have no doubt that I’ll never reach her levels, I’m hoping that I can pick up just some of the way in which she goes about planning her life. If you want to improve organization, here is how Tatiana Kukanova does it.


Lists is one of the cornerstones of how Tatiana Kukanova manages to stay on track with her plans, and by lists I am not just talking a simple to-do list. In her notebook she has lists for gift ideas, people’s birthdays, plans for each day with sub-lists for specific tasks, clothing ideas for future events and just about every other type of planning which you can think of from food shopping to financial planning. Making lists is a great place to start getting organized.


In line with the list which she has Tatiana also relies heavily on her calendar, so much so that if your appointment isn’t on the calendar, it just doesn’t happen. In truth I find this a touch boring as managing all aspects of your life sort of takes away the opportunity for spontaneity. Nonetheless this is something which I plan to improve, making a note of upcoming events on the calendar and ensuring that I don’t double book anyone or cancel plans.

Getting it Done

Something which Tatiana does so well which I would really like to start adopting is the approach to getting things done. For many of us we know that there is a small job to be done, it can often just take a few minutes, but we put it off until we no longer have a choice. For Tatiana she just goes and does things as soon as they are needed, in fact just last week she saw she had a brake light out and got it fixed within 2 hours, if that were me I’d have waited at least a few days. This attitude is a great one and it is something which we should all try to adopt.


Because of the fact that she is so organized Tatiana is able to prioritize her tasks with ease, resulting in the most important things being dealt with soonest, and ultimately allowing her more time to relax, whilst the rest of us are stressing about what there is that needs to be done.

Plan well, write everything down, complete tasks as soon as possible and you can start walking towards a more organized life.