Richard Soper – What to Look For in The Perfect Road Trip Partner

If you are heading off on a road trip and you are looking for a buddy to go with then you need to be careful as to who you choose. The difference between a good road trip and a lousy one can very much depend on the company which you keep, and this is why it needs to be a carefully considered choice. I am very lucky to have spent so many trips on the road with my good friend Richard Soper. Richard is super smart, highly entertaining and simply put, the best type of person I could wish for to go on a road trip with. Here is why Richard is so great, and here are the characteristics you need to look for in your road trip partner .

Music Taste

Having the same music taste is absolutely vital when you are road tripping with someone, and whilst your tastes can vary, it will be important that you have least have a large chunk of musical genres in common. I am very lucky that Richard loves all the weird and wonderful music which I enjoy, and we are also ablate introduce each other to new music.

Up For a Laugh

Sense of humor is also vital in a road trip accomplice as this is going to be a long drive, and you cannot have someone super serious in your car. I am very lucky that Richard is a doctor who has a huge abundance of horror and humorous stories to tell me on the road. We have a similar sense of humor and that is what keeps us going during the lulls in the journey.


When you are on a road trip it is the journey which is half of the fun and if you just stick to going from point A to point B, you will have a pretty boring time. The best type of road trip buddy therefore is someone who is happy to take a detour from time to time in order to discover something new. Richard and I will regularly deviate from our journey if we see a sign that excites us or something which peaks our interest. If you have someone in the car with you who doesn’t want to try out something a little adventurous, it is going to be a pretty boring trip.

No Panic

Things will inevitably go wrong on your trip, you’ll get lost, you’ll break down, get a flat or any number of other calamities can take place. When this happens you cannot afford to have someone in the car who freaks out when this happens, or complains about the state of events. You need someone who will be pragmatic, relaxed and who will just accept things for how they are, whilst resolving to fix the issue.

I am lucky that my road trip buddy has all of these characteristics, make sure that you make the right choice.