Must-Have Kids Horse Jumps for Sale to Enhance Your Riding Arena

Jumping banks help a horse pay attention to its feet, strengthen muscles, and improve balance. They are instrumental in gymnastics and gridwork exercises.

Walking lines are two fences with strides ranging from three-stride lines to oxers. These are great for building up a horse’s ability to walk in a straight line.


Wood has long been the traditional material of choice for arena jumps. It is affordable, accessible to build, and allows for various creative construction options for custom or sponsorship jumps. However, it is prone to weathering and requires regular painting/maintenance.

Jump pole cavaletti are great tools to train horses for gridwork, gymnastics, and footwork drills to promote consistent striding and rhythm. Many riders have used buckets, ground feeders, pieces of wood, and other miscellaneous items as makeshift cabalettas. Still, nothing compares to the quality and safety that a professionally constructed set of aluminum jumps offers.

Aluminum jumps are more expensive than wooden standards, but the money saved is on the tail end when they require no painting or replacement. These lightweight and durable jumps are also easier to move around the ring. Many clients build their aluminum collection over time, replacing wooden standards as they wear out, allowing for gradual savings and the opportunity to add barn logos or sponsorships.


Even though wood jumps are traditional and the most common, plastic is now another option. Jumps made of PVC are maintenance-free, lightweight, and weather-resistant. Several companies produce a variety of plastic show jumps. 

Companies make quality, versatile jumps that are suitable for all levels. Both companies also offer cavaletti and other arena components.

Although creative horse owners have long tried to create their own PVC “jumps” using four-inch pipe from the home improvement store, this type of piping yellows over time and is not designed for use in the elements. It can also crack or shatter if struck. A better choice is to purchase PVC jumps intended for use as show jumps. These kits include wing and schooling standards, vinyl walls, gates, and flower boxes.


These kids horse jumps offer a moderate challenge for novice riders and horses, requiring precision timing and coordination between the horse and rider. They are also ideal for those transitioning from basic jumps to more advanced obstacles or preparing for cross-country courses. The rounded shape of these jumps mimics natural obstacles like logs, adding a rustic feel to your arena course and offering an additional challenge for your horse to overcome.

This complete hunter show quality eight-horse jump set includes 5 ft wing standards, including 3 Verticals and 2 Oxers. A USEF-licensed designer designed this set, which features wooden frame wings, aluminum feet that won’t rust or break, and Euro-spruce turf-covered poles to maintain optimal weight, durability, and uniformity.

This high-quality, kiln-dried, pressure-treated, and painted wooden jump features a beautiful minimalist aesthetic. With white wooden frame wings, flower boxes, matching gates, and stone-like walls, this jump is a stylish addition to any hunter course and a perfect starter for newbies.


Plenty of kids think they need a real horse to have fun jumping and exercising. Instead of dragging out the rocking horse, why not get mini jumps allowing them to practice their turns, show off to friends, and even compete in hobby horse competitions?

Some offer a range of aluminum jumps that are lighter than wood yet look and function like wood. Whether you need to build a course for your home arena or a schooling area that is durable, maintenance-free, and easy to move around, these aluminum jumps are the right choice.

The kid jump sets are all 3 feet tall with two standards and striped poles included. Unless otherwise noted, the aluminum wing set is 6′ powder coated, and all styles include a keyhole track. It is also available in a 68″ high hybrid size for those needing more height. The jumps are manufactured using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is tough and long-lasting with no dangerous metal feet.