Lisa M Cannon MD – Tips on Burning Calories From Home

fitness team

As Christmas is cancelled and we once again go into a hard lockdown it is important that we learn lessons from the previous lockdown which we have seen. One of the biggest dangers which experts like Lisa M Cannon MD have constantly warned us about are the lack of calories which we are burning when compared with normal life. Previously we would have burned at least 500-700 calories each and every day just living life. this is the walk to work, heading to pick the kids up from school, and all other activities which we did during the day which would involve us moving about. We can still burn these calories even at home, and here are some tips on doing so. 

Using Stairs 

If you have stairs in your home or perhaps outside your apartment door then these can offer you the perfect way to burn off some much needed calories. Simply running up and down those stairs 10 times per day is enough to just burn off some calories and in doing this you could burn off anywhere between 50 to 150 calories. This is easy to do and all you have to do is remember to get it done. 

Youtube Workouts 

This year has spawned hundreds of hours of workout footage on sites such as YouTube and there are videos there for every type of person. No matter if you are a beginner or a fitness lover, there is something for everyone. This is easy to do and in almost all cases you do not need any equipment whatsoever. All you need to have is the will, a bit of space and a television or computer screen, and away  you go. Just 1 15 minute exercise each day could see you really burn those calories. 

5 Minute Efforts 

There is a lot to be said for what can be achieved in just 5 minutes and this is certainly the mentality which you need to have. If you pick 5 moments throughout the day, spaced out of course, and just spend 5 minutes being active, you’ll find that you are able to burn off a huge amount of calories. This can be anything from using a skipping rope to doing press-ups, perhaps even some sit-ups or some burpees. Set the alarm on your phone for those 5 sets of 5 minutes and you will find that those calories burn themselves off pretty quickly indeed. 


And finally, one of my favorites and that is to have a little fidget when you are sat working or watching the television. Basic movements that your body makes all require effort and strength and whether you recognize it or not, all of the time you are burning calories. This is why stomping your feet or swinging your arms abut can actually help you to burn off some extra calories which you wouldn’t have been doing previously, a fab way to help you to replace those burned calories which you lose through being locked down.