Ken Julian Talks About a Day in the Life of an Instagram Influencer

Ken Julian Talks About a Day in the Life of an Instagram Influencer

Ken Julian has gained a loyal following of over 4,000 Instagram followers through his incredibly relatable photos. As a beauty, fashion, and skincare influencer, Ken uses his Instagram to curate content that resonates with his followers and encourages them to interact or comment with him.

Julian’s approachable Instagram posts reflect common interests shared by his followers, including fashion, beauty, skincare, and celebrity style. He creates authentic content for his life and blends his personal interests with current trends within the fashion community.

We recently sat down with Ken to discuss what a typical day in the life of an Instagram influencer might look like:

The Days are Longer Now

“I’ve had the same social media manager for years. I wouldn’t say we are friends, but we know each other really well by now, and it makes me feel more comfortable with the photos that she uploads.”

“I love her pictures so much that it doesn’t bother me even if there’s a big difference in style. She is like my team member, and I trust her.”

“She knows how to make perfect posts for me, and if they have a certain vibe, I know that they will be liked. Recently, she has been uploading more makeup pictures, but before, it was more fashion-related stuff. It’s not just about how my followers like the content, though. What is going on in my life is also very important.”

“I try to stay away from selfies because I think it looks too much like people are only caring about themselves. I want my followers to see me as a person so that they can identify with me and feel like we’re friends.”

Ken’s Morning Routine: From Soothing Face Masks to Gorgeous Pictures

“My first thing in the morning is a hot shower,” Ken says. “I love showers; it’s relaxing for me.”

After his shower, Ken applies a soothing face mask while watching YouTube videos and catching up on celebrity gossip. He sits down to read the news every night before bed and likes focusing on the coming week’s events.

“I like to plan out what I’m going to do during downtime,” says Ken. “I love making lists of things that I want to achieve for the week or month.”

After watching a video or reading up on current events, Ken can’t help but find himself squinting at the computer screen in the daylight. He applies a soothing eye cream to ease the eye strain for that extra “awake” look. It is important to Ken that his skin looks great when he posts a picture or video on Instagram!

Instagram Activity and Engagement Tips

“I like to upload photos of makeup, but I also like to upload videos of my life, too,” Ken says. “I want my followers to see what I’m up to.”

“You have to be active on Instagram to keep the number of followers you have, and for that, you have to post regularly. Once a day is enough if your pictures are good but sometimes twice or three times a day is also good for gaining more followers.”

“I post what I like. I don’t really have any tips about doing that,” Ken says. “I just try to be authentic and upload pictures that my followers won’t get tired of seeing over and over again.”