First American Home Warranty – Where Home Warranty Protects You

Home warranty polices are not obligatory and for that reason many home owners throughout the USA believe that it is something which they simply don’t need. This however is a recipe for disaster given the wide range of cover that plans from the likes of the experts in this field First American Home Warranty can offer you. Much of the reason as to why people don’t opt for a policy such as this is because they believe that their home insurance will take care of them, which simply isn’t true in all cases. There are many things which home warranty plans will cover that a homeowners insurance policy will not, and these are just a few examples.

HVAC System

If you have an HVAC system in the home which is no longer operational or which requires repairs, your homeowners insurance policy will not be able to do a thing for you. If however you have a home warranty policy then you can use this to ensure that necessary repairs or replacements are carried out, without you having to pay the full cost of this work. On hot days not having the option to cool your home is a real problem, and a home warranty will ensure that this is resolved double quick.

Plumbing Leaks

If there are plumbing issues in your home which end up causing leaks, the damage can be severe and you’ll find yourself in need of new flooring, drying machines and repairs to skirting boards and perhaps even to electrical items in the home. Whereas the home insurance policy will make sure that anything which has been damaged can be repaired, there is no aspect of that cover which will help you with the cots of repairing the plumbing or the potentially damaged electrics in the home. This is where a home warranty policy can step in and make sure that the cause of the leak is repaired, and the damage which may have been done to the home electrics.

Natural Disasters

Anyone living in an area which is prone to natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes or even fires as we have seen of late in California must ensure that they have both a home warranty policy as well as homeowners insurance. If an earthquake hits for example and the possessions in the home are broken, or the structural integrity of the home is damaged, then the homeowners insurance policy can be sued to help with the cots of replacing the items and repairing the structure. However the damage which may be done to heating systems, plumbing, electrics and the large appliances in the home will not be covered under the insurance policy, whereas they will be with a home warranty. This policy will help you to ensure that as well as the structure of the home, all of the systems within it will be fully reviewed for damage  and repaired.

There are some stark differences between home warranty policies and insurance policies, make sure that you know the difference and that you are covered for everything. When buying home warranty compare reviews, prices, buyers opinions, customer service and most importantly the level of protection which you need.