Exciting Elevations: Mountains to Hike Around the World

All hikers will agree that there is nothing as exciting as having to conquer long rough heights. There is a sense of pride and achievement, and at the same time you get to experience new adventures and explore nature at its best. The tiresome trek is for the greater goal; no pain no gain, right?

Good news, there are lots of mountains out there that provide you with a great view and sights to remember. Time to update your bucket list in case any of these mountains is missing in your list.

Andes Mountains in Peru 

The Andes Mountains is a long stretch covering almost seven countries in South America. But the most attractive part to mountaineers is the Peruvian Andes. The Peruvian Andes offers you an insight into the ancient life of the Incas and also to the natural beauty of the snowcapped mountain. There are several trails you can choose from which depend on difficulty level which influences the number of days on the trek. The Santa Cruz trail offers a tough trek to the Cordillera Blanc mountain range, and it takes about six days to reach the summit.

Inca Trail is a medium level trek which happens to be the most popular trek route. It was built to connect the Cusco town to Machu Picchu. The trail offers you an in-depth journey of about four days through jungle,  beautiful mountain scenery, ruins and the highlight being the awe-inspiring ancient city of Inca, Machu Picchu.

The best time to hike the mountains is from May to September when the weather is warm. After the first visit, you will fall in love with the place, and it will draw you back between May and September.

While at it, do not end your hiking before exploring the famous paramount pictures mountains, the  Artesonraju.

Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

The flat-topped mountain offers a great adventure to mountaineers who have an urge of exploring the African heritage. Standing at an elevation of 5,895 meters it is the world’s tallest walkable mountain and Africa’s highest peak. While hiking to the top peak called Uhuru peak, you pass through five distinct climatic conditions.

Time taken to reach the summit depends on the route, but averagely it takes seven days. The available routes are; Marangu, Lemosho, Rongai, and Machame, in which Machame is the most popular route because it offers the hikers a scenic beauty and clear view of the diverse variety of African birds and animals.

The best time to hike the mountain is either from January to March or June to October when there is a warm and dry climate. Avoid wet months of November and April.

Mt. Everest in Nepal

It is every mountaineer’s dream to scale the highest mountain in the world. With an elevation of 8,848 meters above sea level, reaching the top is both an ultimate adventure and a rewarding experience to hikers. The most successful climbed route happens to be the South Col. It takes around two weeks to cover the seventy-mile distance to the first stop known as the Base Camp. This trek has snow-free paths and winds through the most remarkable mountain scenery on the planet while letting you experience the life and culture of people who live in this high elevations. The route to the summit, however, is a rough journey, with the route winding through snow and rock fields the most grueling part being a vertical pitch of 12 meters called the Hillary Step.

March to May or September to November is the recommended time of the year to hike this mountain.

Annapurna in Nepal

The Himalayan Mountain, from Nepal side, is a spectacular sight. Trekking the mountains through the Annapurna circuit trek brings out the best mountaineering experience; from the towering mountains, breathtaking terrain, the culture, and friendliness of the locals. Be ready to experience different climatic zones beginning with a tropical climate to alpine climate through the 3000 meters elevation.

Consider side trips to Jomsom, Manang, Muktinath that rank as the highlights of the trek. The best months to visit the Annapurna are either February to March or October to November.

Denali or Mt McKinley

With an elevation of 6195 meters above sea level, Denali is the highest mountain in North America which is a must for any high altitude climber.  The expedition challenge to the top can only be compared to that of the Himalayan Mountain.

The height, harsh storms, extreme temperatures make the mountain a serious test of teamwork, and personal strength. The classic west buttress route guarantees an easy and successful route and takes around 21 days to reach the summit and best months being from May to July.

Partying shot

Before hiking, it is important to research on the most favorable months to hike these mountains. Hiking should be done when the prevailing weather is warm and dry. Plan and book the trekking agency in advance. This is because some routes are only limited to a specified number of people per day.

Pack and carry only necessary items for the trek. Heavy packs slow down the hiking pace and in some instances can lead to you throwing in the towel. And finally, it is good to acclimatize to the mountains as you climb higher. Take rests more frequently, after all, the longer the journey, the better the experience.