DJ Rama – Want to be a DJ? Here’s How to Get Started


If you love music and you want to become a DJ one day then now is the time to get started in launching that career. We have some great tips on how to get started in becoming a DJ, and we also have the brilliant DJ Rama along with us who is going to help offer some insider tips into what you need to be doing in order to get yourself in a position where you will be able to DJ in clubs, at parties, and perhaps even for some big acts. Hard work is going to be required here, so let’s get started.

Picking Your Music

 It is absolutely essential that you are deejaying using the music that you love, and not just what you think is going to be popular. There is a big difference between people who play songs at a party and those who actually DJ and one big difference is in the music that they play. Pick the music that turns you on, not what you think others will like.


You cannot expect to come out of the block sand start spinning tunes like Jazzy Jeff, and the absolute key to it all is practicing. Unlike musical instruments, not many have a natural ability when it comes to being a  DJ, and before you even think about playing a club you will have to have at least 4 years of experience of spinning in your room. When practicing the key is to try and gain an intuition for the music so that you can properly beat match when setting up the next tune.

Learning the Flow

So one of the most important things about being a DJ is how to create sets which follow a certain path and rhythm. If you just play a mixture of songs that you like, without really nailing down a theme, then your set is going to be something of a hodgepodge of styles. To get this art down, the best thing that you can be doing is making mixtapes, listen to them back and use the way it sounds to help you shape your set lists, and understand how a set should flow.

Doing it For The Music

If you want to become a a DJ because you think it is cool or because you think that you can make some serious money from this, you are not going to make it very far. The key to being a great DJ is in having love for the music, and this should be the only thing that you have in your mind.

Small Time

Before you start trying to get into clubs, practice on a small scale first, and take every opportunity that you can to show off what you can do in front of friends and family. The more you practice in front of people the easier it will be when you do eventually get yourself a gig.