Anouk Govil – Reasons to Fall in Love With Kayaking

I met Anouk Govil during my first year of university here in New York and we instantly struck up a bond, so much so in fact that in our second year we decided to live together on the student campus. Anouk is from Connecticut and last summer he invited me up to his parent’s place for a couple of weeks. Connecticut isn’t very far from New York but in terms of culture and way of life the two locations might as well be on either side of the globe. During my time in Connecticut with Anouk we indulged in many outdoor pursuits and my favorite of all was kayaking. I fell hard for kayaking and now I go each week on the Hudson River to get my kicks. If you have never kayaked before, here is why you will adore it.


There is a real calmness and peacefulness which you feel when you are floating down stream on a kayak, and far more than when you go out on a sailing boat. I think he difference is that because you are in a smaller vessel, you are able to feel every current and movement of the water, changing your direction and moving you about as you float.

All You

With many water activities there is more than just you who is responsible for the vessel, when you go kayaking it is all on you. I absolutely love this and it strangely gives you a real independence when you are out and about. I generally go kayaking on my own rather than with others and that means that I can go wherever I want, whenever I want. If I fancy a challenge then I’ll point the kayak upstream, if I am looking for a lazy trip then I’ll head downstream and simply keep myself straight.

One With Water

The reason why so many people enjoy getting out into nature is because they love to connect and feel at one with the world around them, and this is exactly the sensation which I get when I go kayaking. Because the kayak is so small and because you are so close to the water, at  times you feel as though it is you floating directly on the water rather than being inside a vessel. This sensation does instantly connect you with nature and it gives you a feeling which is almost indescribable. If you want to connect with nature, the best way that I have found to do so is in a kayak.


Beyond everything else sitting in a kayak and racing across the water is just a whole heap of fun and no matter whether you are taking to the sea, a lake or a river, there is real fun to be had inside these one-man canoes. Whether you are an expert or a beginner you will absolutely love all of the fun that you can have inside a kayak.