5 Things You Can (And Should) Do on a Laptop

5 Things You Can (And Should) Do on a Laptop

Did you know that nearly eight in 10 households in developed nations have at least one personal computer? So says Statista in a report released late last year.

While desktop computers used to be the standard, more and more people are using laptops, tablets, and smartphones to access the internet. And many households have multiple devices that connect to the internet. Perhaps your household is one of them. 

But whether you have a computer for work, school, or personal use, there’s a lot you can do besides use productivity suites or check email.

If you’re considering a laptop but wondering if you need one, here are five things you can do with a laptop computer. And, yes, you can do more than type and print stuff.

1. Streaming

According to one source, 95% of Americans fork over money to multiple streaming services. That’s up from 86% in 2023. Many people who stream do so on television sets, but it’s also common to stream from mobile devices, such as laptop computers. 

One advantage laptops have over tablets and smartphones is you can position them more easily. When using a tablet or smartphone, you’ll either have to hold it or get a separate stand to secure it. So, if you’re wondering whether to get a laptop, consider streaming. There are tons of streaming options available. And a laptop makes streaming from home, work, or elsewhere easier.

Look for laptop deals in Canada, the U.S., or wherever you live for attractive prices. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a computer to do what you need.

2. Reading

While ebooks will likely never replace paperback and hardcover books, there’s still a market for them. Ebook sales revenue came in at $1.95 billion in 2022. While that tally is down 8.5% year-over-year, some people prefer ebooks or enjoy digital and physical books.

Many people read their ebooks on tablets or ebook readers, but the larger screen of a laptop can make it a better ebook reading platform for some people. If you’re a bookworm or just enjoy reading occasionally, a laptop can be a great investment since you can store and read ebooks on it.

3. Gaming 

According to one source, there are 3.2 billion video gamers worldwide. And 1.17 billion play games online. Rather than using a laptop solely for work, enjoy some online games. Depending on the kinds of games you enjoy, most laptops will get the job done. But you may have to pay more if you play games that require computers with above-average specs.

4. Listening to Podcasts

Do you enjoy podcasts? Pew Research Center says that as of 2023, 42% of Americans 12 and older had listened to a podcast in the past month. Meanwhile, the number of podcast listeners in 2023 was 464.7 million, up 9.6% year-over-year. There are various ways to enjoy podcasts. Perhaps you listen to them while driving to or from school, work, or errands. But when you’re at home or elsewhere, you can use your laptop to enjoy your favorite podcasts.

5. Learning a Hobby

Everyone should have a hobby. One source suggests that nearly six in 10 Americans adopted a new hobby during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you want to learn to knit, cook, or do something else, you can learn how to do it online using a laptop. 

Visit sites like YouTube or find masterclass platforms that provide instructions. All work and no play isn’t healthy for anyone, so use a laptop to learn a hobby you can enjoy.

These are just a few things you can do with a laptop. You can use a laptop for much more. It’s vital to get a machine that’ll meet your needs, so do your homework before buying one.