3 Keys to a Healthier Doctor’s Office


Being a doctor means taking on a lot of responsibilities.

With that in mind, what can you do to make your office healthier?

Keep in mind that an office unable to keep many new patients and many current ones can be out of business soon.

So, where do you need to focus attention moving forward?

Are You Protecting Your Most Important Asset?

In looking at your medical practice and what you need to improve it, never forget the key asset. Yes, that would be you.

If seriously injured or come down with a major illness, how would you go about holding on to all you have worked for?

Key number one is making sure you have protection no matter what it takes.

That is why it makes a lot of sense to look into a good disability insurance plan.

Whether Mass Mutual physician disability insurance or another brand; find the best coverage.

When you lock in the right coverage, you can rest a little easier. That to know you have protection if something bad happens to you.

Yes, stop and think for a minute if you are the only doctor at your practice. How would the business go on if you were forced out of work for a significant period of time? While many practices have various doctors, others are run by a lone man or woman. Without others around to take care of your patients, your practice could fold rather fast.

Are You up to Speed on Your Line of Medicine?

Key number two is making sure you stay up to speed on the latest in medical care and technology.

Yes, you have a lot on your plate each day in seeing patients and other responsibilities you have. 

That said you can’t afford to fall behind on the latest care and tech changes in your particular line of medicine. Doing so will put you at a disadvantage in comparison to other competing doctors in your area.

As precious as time is, try and get away to any pertinent medical conferences during the year. These can be great learning opportunities for you over time.

If getting away during the year is a challenge, you may want to put some more focus on online study. This allows you to grow with your field of medicine without leaving the office for days at a time.

The bottom line is there is never enough education for you and your line of work.

Are You Keeping Your Office Tidy?

Key number three is a tidy office.

Face it; would you as a patient feel good about going into a doctor’s office that was unorganized or even dirty? Chances are the answer is going to be no.

With that in mind, do all you can to keep your office looking and feeling clean.

Given the outbreak in 2020 of the coronavirus, more folks are concerned with their health. Part of that means keeping away from things that could get them sick. 

While the last place some patients would expect to get sick would be a doctor’s office, it does happen. Flu, colds and other illnesses can be picked up in such settings if they are not kept as clean as possible.

As you look at how to improve the health of your office, start with you and work your way down the list.